6 Things that Deserve to be on your Kitchen Wish List

When you’re trying to work out what to and what not to include in your new kitchen, the decisions you make often come down to budget and the space you have to work in. But if you do have the room and the bank balance for it, here are 6 things that we think every homeowner should try to incorporate into their kitchen design…

1) A Kitchen Island

Extra storage, more room to prep food and maybe even a breakfast bar for kitchen spectators to prop up – the uses of the kitchen island are many and varied – which is precisely why it makes it to the top of our list.

2) A Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen Pantry and Pantry Cabinets help keep your cooking supplies stocked up and organised. They also provide space to store small kitchen appliances for clutter-free countertops.

3) A Utility Cupboard

If you don’t have the space for a separate utility room, a utility cupboard is laundry’s answer to a pantry and should be next on your wish list. As well as your washing machine and dryer, you’ll be able to keep other washing paraphernalia out of the away and organised. Even if you do have a utilty room, a cabinet like the one above will make sure all your dirty laundry stays a secret.

4) An Instant Hot Water Tap

Ever wonder how much time you’ve spent waiting for the kettle to boil over the course of your life? All just to fill that mug, pan or jug? Boiling water tap like those available from Quooker and Odobe allow you to take that time back, immediately dispensing hot water at the push of a button. They’re also energy saving.

5) A Dining Table

Light grey country kitchen design with island and dining table

You might have a separate, more formal dining room but a dining table in the kitchen can help make life so much easier when it comes to cooking and sitting down with the family for mealtimes. Even if you don’t have a separate dining room, open-plan kitchen diners are a must-add to the wish list of anyone who does a lot of entertaining and doesn’t want to miss out whilst slaving away in the kitchen.

6) Large Glass Doors

The type of kitchens that work best usually find a way of flowing nicely from the social space indoors to the social space outside, like this one. Large sliding or folding glass doors have become a really popular addition to the modern kitchen because they not only allow homeowners to appreciate the view but offer loads of extra light into a room that just can’t get enough of the stuff.