At Brayer, our main goal is a simple one: to make our clients happy with the furniture we design and create. Whether it’s a full kitchen renovation, designing and crafting fitted furniture for the bedroom or even creating a media wall for a new cinema room, we want every one of the homeowners we work with to be impressed by the finished product.

Part of making a great impression means making sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality – materials that we know will stand the test of time and that come from sustainable sources.


As you may have guessed, kitchen design is the thing that we’re most known for, here at Brayer Design. It’s how most of our clients come to find us. But once they do, they also find out about the other projects we’ve worked on and ask us for help in the design of bespoke wooden furniture in other areas of their home.

We’ve worked on projects for all sorts of rooms, such as dressing rooms, wine cellars as well as creating custom fitted furniture for living rooms, home offices, bathrooms, bedrooms in a wide variety of homes all across South West London and North Surrey.


Our client recommendations and 5 star reviews not only focus on the quality of our designs but the service we provide. We know that good communication is key to a successful project so we work with builders, interior designers, architects to make the sometimes stressful renovation process as smooth as possible