Design Trends: Crazy About Copper

There was a time not so long ago when copper in the kitchen would bring to mind those Victorian style pans that can outlive sea turtles.

But not now. Oh no, because copper is making a comeback. And not just in the kitchen. Check out this amazing copper fireplace surround by Four Corners Construction, L.P.

STonehedge Exteriors

And just cop’per load of this (sorry, it had to be done!) amazing steampunk style bathroom with copper piping, basin and mixer tap by Andre Rothblatt Architecture:

Steampunk Bathroom

We also love this rustic and rich bathroom design incorporating a rather decadent copper freestanding bath by Hart Design & Contruction:

Wren Cottage

Copper is exquisitely utilised in all of these designs through statement pieces that add a real ‘wow’ factor to the room.

But you can also achieve great things with just a hint of the stuff – accents such as light fittings, handles, a kitchen mixer tap and even a dining chair in a matching finish all helped bring our Surbiton Kitchen design together. Here, copper created the perfect warm contrast to the cool grey/blue tones of the cabinets and, likewise, added a touch of the traditional to counter the contemporary in this stylish and sociable space.

Copper Kitchen Accents - Brayer Design