Designing the Perfect Summer Kitchen

The slightest hint of warm weather and us Britons go crazy. So in anticipation of a bit of decent weather this weekend we’re looking at ways to design a kitchen that’s not only great for all seasons but maximizes the minimal amount of summer that we’re due here in the UK.

Keep it light and bright

Sky lights, bright white walls, cool kitchen tiles and countertops all help to bring in more light to your kitchen. After all, no-one wants to spend time in a dark and dingy room when Summer is busy happening outside.

Surrey country kitchen - summer kitchens with skylight, bright tiles, walls and worktops

Create a Room with a View

A little bit of sunshine can really put you in good mood. But let’s be realistic; just because it’s sunny outside doesn’t mean you’re going to step out into temperatures that match the Mediterranean. So whatever the temperature, make sure your kitchen incorporates a good view out into the window so you still be able to enjoy the sunshine.

Wandworth kitchen - summer kitchens with a garden view

Bring the Outside in and Vice Versa

Creating a glass wall that opens out onto your garden is a great way of bringing the outside in and vice versa, allowing your summer evening socials to spill out freely from your kitchen to the outside.

Open plan kitchen leading out onto garden, perfect for summer

So there you have it, just three simple things you can do when redesigning your kitchen that will make the most of those rare, but much loved, Summer scorchers.