French Grey Shaker Kitchen Feature: The Kitchen Think

Well we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: we’re always very grateful when online or print publications take an interest in the designs we’ve created.

And so we’re pleased to report that The Kitchen Think have recently published a feature on the latest of the kitchen designs in our online portfolio, The Putney Shaker Kitchen.

Discussing the Design

The piece involves a Q&A with Lead Designer and company owner, Barry Sawyer, as he discusses the brief from the homeowner, reasons behind the design choices made and the stand-out features of the finished renovation.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Q: Were there any structural or layout problems that you had to overcome?

Structurally, this Victorian terrace had been opened up to create an open plan kitchen-dining area. These works had been scheduled before we began our work on the kitchen. We liaised with the architects and builders throughout to make sure that our proposed design would work in the space. Victorian houses can sometimes be a bit narrow inside, so our biggest concern was making sure that there was enough space on either side of the island to open appliance doors and to provide ample moving-around space. A slightly narrower, longer island design that made use of the length of the room solved this problem. 

To find out more about this design and how we worked with the homeowners to help achieve the perfect kitchen for their Victorian home in Putney, read the full article here.