Style Guide: Help Choosing Your Kitchen Handles

A little while ago, we were featured in a Houzz article titled: ‘How to Choose Your Kitchen Door Handles’. The article featured our Surbiton Grey Country Kitchen (as shown above) as an example of how a traditional choice can really complement the classic shaker style.

The Classic Choice for Shaker Kitchens

The article touched on how choosing kitchen door handles is not always just about picking a style you like, but finding something that works practically too:

“For practical reasons, cup handles are mostly just for drawers. But for cupboards? As you can see in this kitchen, the doors are finished with small round or oval metal knobs. As with drawer cup handles, this is the convention. Consider what you’ll pick for pull-down doors (used, for example, on integrated dishwashers), as Shaker cabinetry would happily sit with either a knob or a cup-style handle. Ask your kitchen designer for advice on small details like this in case there are practical considerations they can share to help you make your decision.”

We love the classic look that these handles offer and they’ve been an extremely popular choice with many of our clients. For some more examples of shaker kitchen with traditional handles from our portfolio, take a look at the Kingswood Kitchen, our Putney Victorian Kitchen, the Surrey Country Kitchen, the Battersea Kitchen, the Esher Kitchen and our Wandsworth Kitchen.

For traditionalists, it’s clear that these kitchen handles are the perfect choice. But they’re not the only option…

Bucking the Trend

Modern shaker kitchen with large island and contemporary inset handles

Although we agree that a traditional style of handle works really well with a classic shaker kitchen, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something different for your kitchen design. One of our latest – the Wimbledon Modern Shaker kitchen – combines a contemporary shaker style with inset brushed handles that, because of their large style and sleek appearance, have become a real feature. The shaker style used is less fussy with clean lines to match the style of the handles but there are still lots of references to the traditional country kitchen to be found in this design.

Look Mum, No Handles

Handleless white kitchen design in a scandi style

Not every kitchen design requires choosing a specific style of handle. A sleek handleless kitchen design, like our Scandi Style Kitchen, that allows you to either pull-out or open kitchen cabinets and drawers smoothly using moulded finger pulls or push-to-open mechanisms, are just the ticket for those looking for something that’s modern and minimal.

Make a Statement

Luxury handleless kitchen with statement handles for integrated refrigerator

Although this was created as a largely handleless kitchen, the unique statement handles used for the integrated refrigerator cabinet of the Chelsea Penthouse kitchen adds a little bit of pizzazz to the space and another striking feature of this decadent design.

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