Kitchen Islands & Why We Love Them

Dr. Samuel Johnson once said: ‘When a man is tired of his kitchen island, he is tired of life.’

Okay, so we may have slightly misquoted there, but I think we’re safe in saying that everyone loves a kitchen island.

And what makes them so great is that they’re practical and luxurious at the same time, often changing the way we use our kitchen. They’re unlike any other piece of kitchen furniture in their versatility, adding more room to store, to sit, to slice, to simmer, to sip and to slurp.

Bespoke Islands for All Kinds

So we thought we’d take a little look back over our portfolio to share a selection of different islands from different projects showing how no two islands designed and built by Brayer are the same – just like our kitchens and their owners.

The Social Chef

For the keen cook, who likes to chat as they chop, boil and braise, this island with integrated dining table is made for those who love to host the most.

Wimbledon Bespoke Contemporary Kitchen

The Organized One

With cupboards a plenty and enough storage to satisfy even the most serious chef, this robust kitchen island allows a special place for every single piece of kitchenware and small appliance you can think of.

Wandsworth Bespoke White Traditional Kitchen


The Spontaneous Type

This movable island adds a bit more flexibility to the kitchen layout. The island can be moved to one side at a moment’s notice, for those unexpectedly busy parties and social gatherings we’ve heard so much about.

Surbiton Bespoke Light Grey Kitchen


The Wine Buff

With a sleek design incorporating two temperature controlled wine cabinets, if we were marooned on a island we’d want it to be this one.

Essex Bespoke Contemporary Shaker Kitchen

The Minimalist

This sleek and modern kitchen island – and indeed, kitchen – is all about straight lines and symmetry.

Wandsworth contemporary bespoke grey kitchen


The All-Rounder

Cooking, dining, storing and socialising – it’s all taken care of, thanks to this impressive, large, shaker-style island.

Surrey Bespoke Traditional Shaker Kitchen


Surrey Bespoke Traditional Shaker Kitchen