GUEST POST: Luxury Kitchen Surface Trends by Quality Stone Specialists Cullifords

Sourcing and supplying some of the finest quality stones on the market, Brayer Design has worked closely with Cullifords and its team of experts for a number of years and for a wide variety of projects. With a vast array of materials available, from natural stones such as granite and marble to man-made natural quartz and ceramics, the experts at Cullifords have their ears firmly to the ground when it comes to upcoming trends within the kitchen industry. This month, we’ve teamed up with the Kingston-Upon-Thames based company to bring you the latest luxury kitchen surface trends to inspire your design choices.

Focal Point Islands

A highly desired and ever-popular component of kitchen design, the island has always given homeowners the opportunity to achieve a truly luxurious look within their home. As people have become braver with their surface and interior design choices, we have noticed a shift towards opting for an island surface that is truly unique. The perfect place to make a bold design statement, the central island is fast becoming the place where homeowners are leaving their individual stamp and creating a talking point to be proud of.

Modern kitchen with Verde Bamboo marble waterfall island and splashback
Modern Kitchen Design featuring a waterfall island with breakfast bar in Verde Bamboo Marble

From waterfall island worktops that sweep the top and sides of the island for maximum impact, to slabs characterised by beautifully striking veining and distinctive patterning, there are a range of surface options to choose from to create a luxurious focal point on your island. Seen below in both a contemporary and more traditional Shaker setting, the White Beauty marble is an exceptionally detailed surface choice. Featuring unique eye-catching green with white and black detailing, the distinctive polished marble is guaranteed to create a focal point at the heart of your home.

White beauty polished island worktop in a modern kitchen - white and black withwith green vein
This White Beauty polished island is a great feature of this modern kitchen


White Beauty Island Worksurface for Traditional Kitchen
White Beauty works just as well in a traditional shaker-style kitchen

Mixed Finishes & Textures

The days of strict rules of sticking to the same finishes and textures are definitely behind us. Whilst the trend for mixing materials with elements such as fixtures and brassware has increased in popularity over recent years, we are now noticing this trend filtering through to homeowners’ kitchen surface choices too. Whether combining a statement marble with a steel surface on an island, or blending a striking and detailed granite with wood cabinetry and accents, the trend for mixing materials and finishes has led to kitchen schemes that are full of character and individual charm.

Artic Cream Granite worktops with light wood cabinets
Artic Cream Granite Worktops provide a pleasing contrast to light wood cabinets

To achieve a cohesive ‘mixed’ look, work with materials that have a complementary colour or tone running through them. A beautiful combination of wispy white, brown, black and cream colours, Brazilian Patagonia granite is able to create an eye-catching pattern whilst remaining versatile enough to work in a variety of schemes thanks to its neutral colour palette.

Neutral earthy tones of Patagonia granite worktops and splashback in contemporary kitchen design
Kitchen design featuring Brazilian Patagonia Granite Island and Splashback
Brazilian Patagonia shelf
In detail: this close-up shows the complex textures and tones of Brazilian Patagonia granite.

Statement Splashbacks

As practical as they are attention grabbing, these days a kitchen splashback has become more of a statement piece. Often one of the first elements that you notice when you walk into a kitchen, homeowners have become increasingly enthusiastic about a unique splashback material choice. Whilst there’s no denying that a matching white marble worktop and splashback is one of the most popular choices, we are now starting to notice that homeowners are opting for more eye-catching designs. From exquisitely detailed marble to truly unique patterned granite and quartz, a distinctive splashback is guaranteed to help you achieve a luxurious wow factor.

Bookmatched Kitchen Wall Splashback
Statement Bookmatched Kitchen Wall Splashback
Modern white kitchen with Arabescato Orobico Grigio marble splashback
Modern white kitchen design with statement Arabescato Orobico Grigio marble splashback
Modern Kitchen with Fusion wow Light Kitchen Wall splashback
Modern Kitchen with Fusion Wow Light Kitchen Wall Splashback
Panda white marble island and splashback
Striking Panda White Marble Splashback and Table

The Marble Effect

Undoubtedly a key favourite when it comes to surface choice throughout the home, the trend for using marble in the kitchen appears to be here to stay. The epitome of luxury, the unique appearance and exquisite veining of the huge variety of marbles available gives homeowners the opportunity to add that touch of sought after refined elegance. Whilst natural marble surfaces continue to be a popular choice, developments in other materials such as quartz and composite are now providing homeowners with the option of having a luxurious marble-effect kitchen without the higher price tag. Not only are the marble-effect alternatives more affordable, they are also often more durable, scratch and stain proof, making them both a practical and aesthetic alternative. We predict that these marble alternatives will continue to grow in popularity for a few years yet.

Marble-Effect Lucern Lake Radianz Quartz Worktop with Dark Kitchen Cabinets
Marble-Effect Lucerne Lake Radianz Quartz Worktop with Traditional Dark Kitchen Cabinets
Marble-effect Radianz Orion worktop with dark navy kitchen cabinets
More dark Kitchen Cabinets coupled with marble-effect Radianz Orion quartz countertops.

A long-established name in the stone business, Cullifords sources some of the world’s most exotic and finest materials. The range of exceptional fine quality stone available is guaranteed to help you make a truly stunning statement in your home and in your kitchen. From worktops to splashbacks, the breadth of choice combined with the company’s depth of knowledge is guaranteed to provide you a surface material that is unique to you and your home.

To find out more about Cullifords and the materials they stock, head over to the website.