New Beginnings

The New Year is always a good opportunity for a fresh start. So, here we are now at the beginning of 2014 with new branding and a new name for our business, Brayer Design.

From Bill Brayer Design to Brayer Design

We’ve spent the last few months rebranding with a new name, new logo and a new website showcasing the very best of our recent work.

Brayer Design

Under our previous name of Bill Brayer Design, we were dedicated to crafting bespoke pieces of furniture of the highest quality – and that’s the one thing that remains unchanged.

A Heritage in Furniture Design

Brayer Design is named after William Brayer, the great-grandfather of Brayer Design’s director, Barry Sawyer, who began a family tradition of fine furniture making in the early 20th Century. Today the Brayer name is carried forward here in respect of this heritage.

What’s Next for Brayer Design?

In 2014, we’re looking forward to working on more exciting projects, and seeing some further upgrades to our workshop and showroom in Surbiton – and perhaps fewer calls from people asking, “May I speak to Bill, please?”