This light and spacious dressing area connects the master bedroom to the ensuite of this Edwardian home, with a corridor of wardrobes that bring focus to the stunning view out of the sash window at the end of the room.

The wardrobes were created in a traditional style but with a contemporary finish for a space that’s modern and fresh but still connected to the period features of this home.

The fitted wardrobes of this dressing room were designed with plenty of practical features. Automatic lighting, tie/belt organiser drawers and extending trouser/shirt racks all make for a well-organised wardrobe which makes the best use of available space.

Outside, the cabinetry is finished in a clean white which works perfectly with the calming lilac of the walls in the ensuite. Inside the wardrobes, a light wood finish creates a warm contrast accentuated by the interior lighting. Warm strip lighting was also installed beneath the wardrobes to create more warmth and ambiance for this elegant dressing area.