With a goal to create a space that felt elegant, clean and uncluttered, we designed and installed a luxury dressing room and bathroom for a lovely home in Pimlico, London.

Separating the bedroom from the bathroom, we installed a series of fitted wardrobes in the client’s intimate corridor dressing room. Finished in a charcoal stained oak and coated with a smooth, sprayed finish, these wardrobes feature both Armac Martin scroll handles and integral recessed handles, which add to the sleek and modern look of the space. We also installed unique mirrored sliding doors that separate the bedroom and bathroom, creating an element of privacy for the clients.

Within the bathroom, we wanted to create a space that was both stylish and functional. To give the client a touch of luxury, we designed the bathroom to be fully clad in marble. With a matching marble vanity top with inset mirrored cabinets installed flush to the wall, and a large set of drawers underneath the sink, this bathroom offers plenty of storage and endless amounts of style.

This installation was carried out in conjunction with White Cube Construction and Cathy Emmins Interior Design.