We are thrilled to unveil our latest design in the heart of Twickenham – a bold bespoke kitchen that is not only breathtaking but built to withstand the rigours of everyday use.

Crafted with a harmonious blend of deep-grained hand-veneered oak and rustic, rough-sawn oak, this kitchen is filled with a symphony of textures and tones, instantly captivating everyone who enters the room. 

This kitchen is designed to transcend time, with every detail meticulously thought out to strike a balance between heritage and contemporary flair. Intricate design meets modern convenience with retractable doors seamlessly integrated into the handy breakfast cupboard, hidden oven housing, and space-saving tall cabinet. The exquisite island, a tactile wonder, further provides functional yet stylish storage for our clients. 

Other key features within this space include a high stone splashback and Caesarstone work surfaces, providing both elegance and durability for everyday use, from busy breakfasts to lavish dinner parties. 

Nevertheless, it’s the small yet remarkable features that truly set this kitchen apart. The Joseph Giles satin brass handles and Buster and Punch brass bar handles provide an exquisite contrast against the dark, rich cabinetry. These details are a testament to our dedication to sourcing the finest materials and accessories, ensuring every element reflects a sense of sophistication and opulence.

Equipped to fulfil the highest culinary aspirations, this kitchen boasts the best-in-class appliances. The Quooker Fusion Pro3 sink and the Bora induction hob with downdrafts redefine efficiency and convenience, while the Miele ovens stand as a testament to our commitment to elevating the cooking experience to an art form.

As you step into this kitchen, you step into a world where tradition and innovation dance in perfect harmony. Our team of skilled designers and master craftsmen poured their expertise into every facet, resulting in a space that encapsulates luxury living.

This project was conducted in collaboration with the architects and interior designers at Hoban Design.