Space-Saving Kitchen Design Ideas

At Brayer, we’ve been lucky enough to have our designs and work featured across various home decor publications. And over the years, we’ve noticed that one theme is consistently popular – clever use of space.

It’s odd considering that many of the homeowners we design furniture for have room to spread out, generally with larger than average kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms in houses with space for wine rooms and dedicated media rooms & libraries. And yet, despite this abundance of square footage, there’s usually a strong desire by the homeowners to make the most of the space and to keep things organised and uncluttered. One room where this rule always seems applicable is the kitchen.

Perhaps it’s because the kitchen often serves as the hub of the home – the grand central station of living areas. From breakfast to supper time, this space is somewhere to cook, to eat, to help with homework, to wash clothes and (if we’re lucky) pour a glass of wine with friends at the end of the week.

And so it makes sense that what most homeowners crave is a little bit of calm and organisation in this part of the house to help deal with the organised chaos of everyday.

Here are some examples of how our space maximizing kitchen designs have been featured…