The Great Kitchen Pantry Debate

Now you know here at Brayer, we love to talk kitchen storage ideas. So when we were featured in an article on Houzz pitting walk-in pantries against cabinet pantries, we didn’t need much more of an excuse to give our two cents on the matter.

Kitchen Storage Dilemmas

Having a whole room designed for storage separate to your kitchen is a dream scenario for some. But it’s not always practical, so for kitchens where space is limited, the cabinet offers all the luxuries of its walk-in counterpart whilst using a fraction of the footprint.

Surrey country kitchen with large pantry cabinet

What Are Your Priorities in the Kitchen? 

And even when there is room for a separate walk-in pantry, sometimes a cupboard or cabinet that does the same job is preferable – as seen in this large and spacious Essex kitchen design we created a while back. The convenience of having a large, deep cabinet that acts as a pantry room without having to leave the kitchen can be very appealing.

Essex pantry cabinet

If there’s not already a pre-existing space suited to a pantry room, you have to really consider whether you’re prepared to lose space from somewhere else to make it happen. For avid cooks and those who like to keep their non-perishables stocked up (just in case), this sacrifice will probably be enough to bare.

Walk-in pantries also usually have the benefit of room to spread out ingredients for an organised and easy to grab set-up. But on the other hand, owners of walk-in pantries can be susceptible to the ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ effect that having a whole room just for food storage can encourage.

Walk-In Pantry, A Pantry Cabinet or Both?

For those lucky souls with homes where no compromise is necessary, a well-stocked walk-in pantry can provide back up to a well-placed pantry cabinet in the kitchen, with the most used items easily accessible. Again, the decision to go down this path very much depends on the kitchen and the cook. Even where there’s room for a separate walk-in pantry – is that really the best use of the space?

Or how about a wine room instead?

Wimbledon Wine Cellar, Wine Room