Top 5 Kitchen Design Saves on Pinterest

Platforms like Houzz and Pinterest are great tools to use when you’re re-designing your home. They’re also great for us as any ‘Houzz Saves’ or ‘Pinterest Pins’ give us a good idea of what’s really popular and what kitchen features are desirable amongst our audience.

So what do people on Pinterest like most about our kitchen designs? Which images encourage users to ‘Pin’ rather pass on? We thought it would be interesting to share our 5 most popular images according to the Pinterest community to see if there were any stand-out themes or images that are clear favourites.

The results were quite surprising…

5. Modern Kitchen with Two-Tier Island Dining

This image is the only picture in our top 5 that isn’t from our website. Instead, it’s from an article on the Ideal Home website called Kitchen island ideas for every home style. This article features one of our modern kitchen designs with a split level island and dining table.

4. Walnut & Cornforth White Kitchen

This Wimbledon kitchen design seems to be really popular on Pinterest as it’s also the subject of our 3rd most saved pin below.

3. Walnut & Cornforth White Split Level Island

2. Kitchen Island with Integrated Wine Fridge

Our second most-saved pin is all about the integrated island wine fridge:

1. Modern Wandsworth Kitchen Renovation

Our most-saved pin is from the Victorian renovation we did in Wandsworth a few years ago:

With its floor to ceiling glass doors out into the garden and sleek, minimalist style, we’re not too shocked that the above is our most popular image on Pinterest. But what is interesting about our most-saved pins is that they all seem to feature an island in some way or another. Now, we’ve mentioned before how much we love a good kitchen island, and so it’s great to see that fans of our photographs are in favour of our work.

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