Why One of Our Pantry Designs is Creating Quite a Stir…

It was super to see one of our designs featured in The i News recently, even though the title of the editorial was somewhat unexpected…

Pantry porn is the latest aspirational kitchen trend to dominate social media – thanks to Nigella and Zoella

We were so thrilled to see the pantry cabinet from our Surbiton kitchen design used for the main image for this article and as a shining example of a picture perfect pantry. 

Although we have to admit that the term ‘pantry porn’ is not one that gets thrown about often in client meetings, it’s true to say (as this article suggests) that pantries or pantry cabinets have become hugely popular in recent years and are almost always on our clients’ wish lists.

Whilst this feature suggests that it’s the ‘Downton Abbey’ effect that’s responsible for the rise in this trend, we’d be more inclined to suggest that it actually has more to do with the fact that having a pantry cabinet in the kitchen is so very useful. It’s a place to store all sorts from consumables to small appliances, cookware and crockery – to help you keep your kitchen bits and bobs in order and easy to get to when you need them. 

And ok yes, they do look quite lovely too.  

Make your #PantryGoals a Reality

If you’re in the process of planning for your kitchen renovation, view our kitchen portfolio and get in touch to speak with us about the space and – more importantly – your very own Instagram-able pantry.  

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